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Scotland – United Kingdom
Direct: +44 (0) 560 167 9500  
Email: info@y6sigma.com

At Y6Sigma, we utilise a trademarked Methodology structured around a unique Organisational Change Enablement approach and the pursuit of Quality and Compliance as the main objectives and enablers of Process Re-engineering and Cost Reduction efforts. This approach allows for highly efficient and effective end-to-end Process and System solutions.

Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a new generation of continuous improvement and service excellence oriented High Performance and Transformational Shared Service Organisations, which will in turn deliver a substantial and measurable transformation from Non-Value added to Value added processes. This can be achieved with the utilisation of our innovative approach aimed at helping organisations move up the Value Chain without necessarily shifting back-office operations off-shore to achieve short-term sighted cost advantages.

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