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Having the right solutions to deliver the real business case of a true value-added Shared Services Centre, which entails segregating the transactional processes and enabling what is left of the upstream, now client support function (i.e. Finance), and transforming it into a Value Adding Business Development Support Engine capable of:

  • Finance driving Core Business Improvements
  • Procurement delivering the best mix of Quality and Cost of Supply
  • Human Resources driving Organisational Cultural Transformation
  • Marketing selling Business Transformation
  • Information Technology enhancing Business Processes Competitiveness

In good times it would mean to maximise market and profitability opportunities, and in bad times it would mean to become leaner and maintain market leadership.

These value-added activities can only be enabled by “Transactional” High Performance & Transformational Shared Service Organisations… And, Y6Sigma can help you achieve it.

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