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At Y6Sigma, we utilise a trademarked methodology called the Model of Operational Excellence (MOPEX®), which integrates Organisational Cultural Transformation approaches with unique Performance Measurement solutions, Process Re-engineering methodologies, and strong elements of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) verticalised for Shared Services and BPO to deliver the highest quality and most cost effective End-to-End Process & System Solutions for SSO and BPO Operations.

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The MOPEX® methodology is a sustainable Continuous Process improvement approach built around three integrated elements:

  • People & Cultural Transformation (Motivate)
  • Performance Measurement and Lean Six Sigma (Understand)
  • ERP Systems, Open SOA and additional Information Technologies(Implement)

Using a unique Values & Beliefs process (originally presented at a UN conference), our approach integrates leading research in the field of Leadership and Organisational Psychology to maximise the People potential. Designed by our partner Dr. Ted Sun, a world renowned Professor, Author and Expert in multi-cultural Leadership and Communications, many innovative people concepts were synthesised into MOPEX® to create a comprehensive approach. This integration results in a profound outcome of no resistance to Change.

IT Vertical Solutions for the Shared Services and BPO industry includes our unique concept of
SOXSIGMA® (System Preventative Control Solutions to simultaneously tackle both Process Improvement and Governance requirements).

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