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Scotland – United Kingdom
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This page offers relevant news and communications from Y6Sigma Solutions Ltd.

Please check back with us periodically for current coverage and links to many of our industry related contributions with our Partners, Alliances and other industry organisations.

  • Inside the Chinese Business Mind: A Tactical Guide for Managers
    January 2010  •  Dr. Ted Sun, Executive Balance  •  Y6Sigma Strategic Partner

    An insightful look at how Chinese business people think and live, offering executives and entrepreneurs a better way to understand a country in which business opportunities are still growing.

    "Inside the Chinese Business Mind: A Tactical Guide for Managers"... focuses on helping Western business leaders and managers get an understanding of the core values and beliefs that drive business in China. It is a perfect tool for helping business people gain insights into the vastly different, surprisingly diverse Chinese business culture -- and for learning more about themselves and their own values and behaviors in the process.
  • SSON: Top 10 Tips for Implementing Six Sigma
    September 10, 2009  •  Davide Laghi  •  Y6Sigma Solutions
    "How to get the process improvement methodology right first time"

    For those contemplating implementing Six Sigma in whatever form, SSON reached out to the experts for their advice on what makes the difference between success and failure,
    Six Sigma-style. The result? SSON's Top Ten Tips for Implementing Six Sigma.
  • Working Smarter in Tough Economic Times
    September 09, 2009  •  Dr. Ted Sun, Executive Balance  •  Y6Sigma Strategic Partner

    In tough economic times, learning to work smarter is the key to success. Rather than accepting old myths like "time is money" or "get ahead by working hard", Dr. Sun sheds some light on how to work smarter to get ahead in a Knowledge Economy.
  • Scottish Shared Services Forum 2009
    September 4, 2009  •  Radisson Hotel  •  Glasgow, Scotland
    Davide Laghi  •  Chairman  •  Scottish Shared Services Forum

    Scottish Development International (SDI) is delighted to host the 2009 Scottish Shared Services Forum, organised by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON), on Friday, 4 September 2009. The aim of this networking and discussion group is simply for some of the smartest people working in the Shared Services and Outsourcing space in Scotland to meet each other and share knowledge and experiences.
  • SSON Q&A: Shared Services and Strategic Business Alignment
    July 2009  •  Davide Laghi  •  Y6Sigma Solutions

    "When we talk about Purpose and Vision within Shared Services Strategic Alignment, we have to look at Shared Service initiatives beyond the simple cost reduction exercises"
  • SSON Download Center: Operational Excellence within Continuous Change
    April 10, 2009  •  White Paper  •  Davide Laghi and Dr. Ted Sun
    "A Shared Services Strategic Perspective on becoming a Systemic Learning Organization"

    Having the ability to align teams within multiple dimensions of thought is a critical skill of Shared Service Leaders of the future. This core skill will also be the vital dynamic that enables the strategic congruence between SSO's and their core business. To lead change is to start with alignment of individuals. When SSO leaders achieve this alignment, the continuous change environment has virtually no resistance.
  • SSON Q&A: It may not be the economy's fault, look inside your organisation for the path to true operational excellence.
    April 1, 2009  •  Davide Laghi  •  Y6Sigma Solutions
  • 2009 IQPC Shared Services Exchange
    June 07 - 09, 2009  •  The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne  •  Miami, Florida
    "Increasing Efficiency, Enhancing Performance and Strategically Preparing for
    Evolving Business Needs"
    • Solution Provider:  Y6Sigma Organisational Change Enablement
      and Lean Six Sigma vertical for Shared Services
    • Moderator:  Lean Six Sigma Workshop
    • 1:1 Private Advisory Meetings
  • 9th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week
    May 11-14, 2009  •  Novotel Congress Budapest  •  Hungary
    "Propel your sourcing strategy to the next level: Drive business value, bottom-line
    growth and customer service for every scale of transformation"
      • Chairman & Sponsor: The Blue Sky Innovation Room
        "Mature SSO's: Brainstorming Advanced Solutions for Advanced Challenges"
      • Moderator & Facilitator: "Aligning Shared Services and Corporate Strategy:
        How to Empower your People to Thrive and Succeed"
      • PDF: Aligning Shared Services and Corporate Strategy
    • Moderator: "Building Customer Intimacy: Knowing what your Customers want and how to help them get it"
  • Scottish Development International
    "Scotland - A Competitive Advantage: An Overview of the Shared Service
    Centre Sector in Scotland"
    March 31, 2009  •  British Embassy  •  Copenhagen, Denmark
    Davide Laghi  •  Chairman  •  Scottish Shared Services Forum
  • GlobalScot
    International network of over 850 senior influential Scottish business leaders
    Member  •  Inducted January 2009  •  Glasgow, Scotland
  • If I Could Do It All Again...
    SSON Articles: "Lessons Learned"
    Davide Laghi  •  Founder & Passionate Leader  •  Y6Sigma Solutions
  • Reflections: Learnings From My Journey
    SSON Articles: "People, Leadership and Culture..."
    Davide Laghi  •  Founder & Passionate Leader  •  Y6Sigma Solutions
  • New Alliance: Y6Sigma Solutions Ltd. and
    Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

  • Financial Shared Service Centres Conference 2008
    Axiom Groupe Events International
    18-19 September 2008  •  Barcelona, Spain
    Davide Laghi  •  Chairman  •  Scottish Shared Services Forum
  • SSON 2008 EMEA Shared Services Excellence Awards
    Thought Leader of the Year ~ Finalist & Honorary Mention
    Davide Laghi  •  Founder & Passionate Leader  •  Y6Sigma Solutions
  • The Road to the Model of Operational Excellence
    May 19 - 22, 2008  •  Meliá Sitges  •  Barcelona, Spain
    8th Annual SSON Shared Services Week & Excellence Awards
  • The North West Shared Services Forum Conference 2007
    "Empowering Shared Service Organisations to Create a Culture of Operational Excellence"
    September 20, 2007  •  North West Shared Services Conference  •  Manchester, England
    Davide Laghi  •  Head of Finance SSC  •  Iron Mountain
  • Roots Shoots Fruits - Success Story
    Davide Laghi  •  Head of Finance SSC  •  Iron Mountain
  • IQPC Shared Services Summit 2007
    "Building a Culture of Operational Excellence: Empowering Mature
    SSO's using Performance Measurement Tools"
    February 5-8, 2007  •  Victoria Plaza  •  London, England
    Davide Laghi  •  Head of Finance SSC  •  Iron Mountain
  • Scottish Shared Services Forum 2007
    May 2007  •  Scottish Enterprise Headquarters  •  Glasgow, Scotland
    Davide Laghi  •  Chairman  •  Scottish Shared Services Forum

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