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Scotland – United Kingdom
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Y6Sigma represents an innovative approach that combines organisational cultural change initiatives with the implementation of simple and effective performance measurement frameworks to deliver information technology based preventative control solutions and simultaneously achieve process quality, cost and compliance advantages.

As a solutions integrator operating in the field of High Performance and Transformational Shared Service Organisations (SSO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Y6Sigma functions through a global network of trusted Partners and Alliances in the areas of People, Performance Measurement and Information Technology to provide SSO and BPO Organisations with a holistic solution to their Start-up and Continuous Improvement Challenges.

By use of the company’s Six Sigma concepts and trademarked methodologies MOPEX® (Model of Operational Excellence) and SOXSIGMA®, client-businesses are provided with dynamic solutions to accomplish their performance and operational objectives within the key strategic areas of Processes, Systems, Teams, Customers and Competitiveness.

Y6Sigma Principles

  • Six Sigma is a complex statistical based methodology originally developed to improve manufacturing processes. In service businesses like Shared Services, we do not deal with pieces of machinery but rather with people interacting with people. And people have emotions, opinions, different values, beliefs, behaviours and capabilities that machines simply do not have, which requires profound cultural understanding and preparation work.
  • In service businesses, improving processes is a way of thinking, communicating and behaving; therefore, achieving operational excellence is possible only if a Culture of Operational Excellence is created and shared across the organisation.
  • Changing processes and improving performance are not management decisions imposed on employees, but rather a matter of team empowerment. If organisations and their people share the same values and beliefs, they will share the same desired outcomes and ensure individual and team behavioural alignment towards the achievement of these outcomes. This alignment is at the base of Theory-Y organisations (McGregor).
  • In process improvement oriented organisations, teams “think at cause” vs. “living at effect” and build positive relationships around the factual evidence of the root cause of the issues that affect their processes. Factual analysis of process issues’ root causes are at the base of the Six Sigma approach.
  • Sharing performance measures allow individuals and teams to build the right resourceful states, which then places them onto a resourceful platform to transform their processes. This is the ultimate factor at the base of a Y6Sigma organisation.

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